Level Best is an independent provider of tuition in Oxfordshire that aims to empower students in secondary education to fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible grades in their examinations. 

We provide one-to-one tuition of unrivalled quality, based on a system that has been successfully employed at The University of Oxford for many years.

All our tutors are graduates from the University of Oxford, with a degree relevant to the area that they teach, and with a grade A at ‘A’ Level in that subject, or a closely related one.

After careful discussion, our programme of tuition is carefully designed to fulfil the unique requirements of each individual student, allowing the student to work at his/her own pace.

Sessions can take the form of a series of structured tutorials to cover large areas of the syllabus, complementing work taught at school; alternatively a flexible approach may be adopted, focussing on problem areas identified by the student.

Our tuition may be complemented by mock examinations that we set and mark, each of which is followed by a feedback session in which we can discuss important aspects of the student’s performance.